The Perfect Car for the Perfect Wedding. Does the most important day of your life deserve anything less than a deluxe Limousine? To assist your wedding, reliable, luxury and convenient transportation service is key and vital part of the day. Backed up by Hong Kong listed coropation "Kwoon Chung Motors Company, Limited", Vigor Group owns large numbers of luxury limousines and branded cars, and is ready to service you on the event!

In weddings and celebratory events, our fleet of limousines is appropriately decked out for the special occasion decorated with ribbons and flowers contributing to a truly memorable event. Imagine the surprise on the faces of your friends as they see you arrive at the church in the most luxurious car ever!

Mercedes Benz S-Class Deluxe Multi Purpose Vehicle (6-seaters)
Deluxe 23-seater Coach Deluxe 49-seater Coach

Vehicle Types:

From Mercedes Benz S-Class, Deluxe Multi Purpose Vehicle (6 seaters), deluxe 23-seater coach and deluxe 49-seater coach, guaranteed to making your wedding day the perfect day.

Reason for choosing us:

We provide flowers and ribbons for decoration
All of our experienced drivers wear tidy uniform
Safe and reliable. All our fleets have taken insurances
Personalized service. We provide special arrangement to match with your own schedule

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